Thursday, July 26, 2012


So this is about to be a crazy exciting/ busy month.  I am a teacher getting ready to go back to work and my daughter starts kindergarten.  I also thought that it would be fun to sign her up for cheerleading.  She has practice Monday thru Friday from 6p-8:30. I am hoping that I didn't bite off more than I or she can chew.  She is used to having gymnastics for an hour several nights a week but this will be an entirely new adventure.  I also am depending on my parents because while she has practice he will hopefully be hanging out at their house across the street.  I think they were seeing my mini-panic and thats when the volunteered to keep him.  I am up for any suggestions that you can provide for dining.  I really don't want to be that mom who drive thrus every night to feed her family.  I am not a very good cook but I can handle PB&J and cheese sandwiches (again not the gourmet dinner my kids planned on I'm sure).  I am thrilled and a little nervous for what August brings.  I am beginning a new position at a new school and don't know many people there.  So far everyone that I have met has been super nice and helpful.  I am laughing as I am typing because I am sure my daughter is thinking the same thing...being excited about a new school but a little fearful that she only knows one other boy who will be joining her there and we don't know if he will be in her class.  Every day this new adventure becomes a little bit more real.  She now has a book bag and school clothes and we will go supply shopping soon.  The first week always scares me sometimes the second too.  It seems that once you have made it beyond those two weeks it is smooth sailing for the most part.  Drop off issues, going home issues, and kids crying about missing their moms have all subsided and the educational aspect can begin.  Bring on September.

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