Monday, July 23, 2012

End of Summer As I Know It

The wonderful smell on the beach and sunscreen is about to be replaced by that of pencil lead and crayons. I'm excited to get back to work so I can start collecting a pay check but I have loved my time off with the kids and am not looking forward to being separated from them for nine hours a day. My daughter is beginning kindergarten this year so I am excited that she will be joining me at work but it's bitter sweet. My baby girl is growing up and heading out into the world of public education. She is of course very excited and optimistic for this year to come and I have done a great job of holding back the years and telling her stories of all the fun activities she will get to do in kindergarten. We have gone clothes shopping and will have her book bag on Wednesday. She can't wait to get her supply list and complete the going back to school rituals. I am hopeful that she will adore her teacher and that the teacher will adore my baby equally and that she makes nice friends and will be brilliant. I am so proud of the person that she has become and need to let go of the baby and embrace my big girl. Ugh parenting definitely pulls on the heart strings.

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