Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Discount Disney

      My family loves Disney!  My children love to watch it on television, we occasionally wear Disney t-shirts, and we all LOVE to travel to Disney World or Disneyland.  We live in Florida and are not too far from Disney World so due to traveling expenses alone we make regular trips to Disney World.  We have purchased the annual passes which, I won't lie is quite the initial investment but if you are planning on spending 5 days here or more they will pay for themselves quickly.  We have sampled almost all of the Disney resorts but typically stay in one of their value resorts.  Disney provides free parking or transportation to and from their resorts to all their theme parks, water parks, and Downtown Disney.  Being an annual pass holder also entitles you to discounts when booking Disney resorts.  We can purchase a value resort for $75-$120 a night depending on the time of year.  Even though they are value resorts they still include amazing amenities such as incredible pools, arcades, restaurants, and entertainment.  This last trip we made we wanted to relax, so we spent a few hours in the Magic Kingdom before heading back to the resort.  When we arrived we were just in time for BINGO down by the pool.  My daughter won the very first game and got to choose a prize out of their treasure box.  Even though the trinkets were simple it completely made her day!  Disney has a way of making young and old feel special.
     We will soon be making this trip with my grandparents and will need to rent a motorized scooter.  Do not rent these from Disney.  If you google scooter rentals there are tons of companies that will deliver right to the hotel and only charge $20 a day for the rental.  All Disney buses are scooter friendly and it is only a fraction of what the park will charge for a comparable scooter.
    It is also wise to stop at a grocery store or convenience store on the way to the park/resort.  All Disney resorts now have mini-refrigerators so you can bring snacks or things to make breakfast.  Packing a book bag with water and snacks will save you tons of money throughout the day.  Bottles of water can run you more than $2 each.  Snacks are even more but sometimes you don't want to pass up the chocolate mickey shaped ice cream bars and who could blame you.  When you do decide to go shopping if you are an annual passholder Disney offers a 10% discount on many items.
     When dining in Disney whether it be at a park or resort if you have the Table of Wonderland card you will save an automatic 20% on every meal.  There is a $75 initial investment to purchase the card but I have already made that much money back and saved an additional $300 in the last four months.  It has been completely worth it!
     There are relatively new dress up activities such as bibbidi bobbidi boutique or Pirates League.  If you choose to indulge your family is sure to love it and to cut down on some of the costs you can wear your own costume or dress up clothes you do not need to purchase the clothing that Disney sells.
      I hope you find these tips helpful.

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