Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Perfection of Children

I love to watch my kids play.  They have wonderful imaginations and such a passion for life.  They are untainted by the stresses of jobs, finances, mean people, and education with standardized testing.  They truly love their family, their friends, and play.  I am currently an audience to my daughters concert; consisting of her self-created lyrics and dancing.  I love that her dreams for the future are constantly changing with each new exciting activity that she is exposed to.  Currently, she aspires to become a rockstar.  My son being younger just enjoys toddling by her side and assisting her on her many play adventures.  Their interactions are priceless.  I laugh listening to them.  The other day while driving in the car my daughter is in the backseat teaching my son to argue.  I hear her stating now I am going to say "no" and you say "yes".  They then proceed to argue while hysterically laughing at each other for the next 15 minutes.  I try to find different family activities for us to do together and the current favorite is tennis.  We are fortunate to have a court near our home and we play some what regularly.  I worry when others attempt to use the court next to us because I am still working with the kids on simply hitting the ball, not necessarily over the net.  They love this but there is the occasional scream of warning to others on the next court to watch out.  So far the other players have all been understanding and take it with a laugh and throw our ball back to us.  The kids think this is great.  Maybe it's me that is being fooled and they are hitting the ball over there on purpose to interact with other players.  I wish that I could come back to this time and place when I am having a rough day because just watching or playing with them brings such joy to life.

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